Sewing mania

Got as a gift a sewing machine and it’s been not even two weeks and I sewed almost ten projects.  Mainly bag-organizers; if I continue like that I will end up sewing my whole apartment into organizing compartments. Next step would be sewing fancy bags and clutches (although I have sewed several already but all hand sewed ending up with painful fingers and wrists and it was quite time-consuming).The future dream is cloths, mainly dresses; I already flirt with Burda magazine in the kiosks.

Finally yesterday I was out of textile, which was collected during several years, and has no urgent project in mind so it seems I will take a break by returning back to crochet.


8 thoughts on “Sewing mania

  1. Hello, just wanted to say I love your bedside hanging organizer! I wish I had one. My bedside table is always a big mess, books, glasses, lotions, crosswords magazines and pencils… your idea is great and it it has become my short term project 🙂


  2. Thanks Patty 🙂 i have had two boxes as storage for books and other staff but one way and another things end up all over the bed, it was about time to do some serious practical organizing and Ikea’s remote control organizer inspired me to sew my own


  3. This practices exist from long tie ,,,,,after globalization people adapted using plastic or fiber …But we saw its bad impact on environment….Now again we are moving back in the same world with sustainable management of present resources…Very nice creation.


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