Crochet Hook Roll Tutorial

Crochet hook roll  - Toma C

When I saw No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll Tutorial I immediately wanted to make one for my crochet hooks! The last few months I made 3 crochet hook organizers and none of them I liked much so I decided I had nothing to lose by making a new one that looked (and is) practical, simple and compact.

Crochet hook roll (3) - toma creations

Unfortunately I had no wool or thick felt fabric but I was lucky enough to have a part of an old IKEA blanket ready to be used. I also added extra fabric on the top and bottom to hold the hooks in place since they are not the same size and sewed a button and an elastic buttonholder, and voila; super simple crochet hook roll. Since I have lots of crochet hooks mine is quite long consisting of 9 slits of 1.5cm, 15 slits of 1cm and 6 slits of 0.5cm with 1cm space in between each slit. Below is a graph with exact measurements which you can use as basis for your own roll.

Enjoy 🙂

crochet hook roll graph - Toma Creations

Crochet hook roll (2) - toma creations

Crochet hook roll - Toma Creations


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