How to prepare buckwheat, quinoa and instant rice without cooking!

How to prepare buckwheat without cookin - Toma Creations

Being a wheat and lactose intolerant my options for a quick breakfast are quite limited. Cereals with milk are out of the question and buying alternatives are just too expensive, especially now when we got hit by a major economic crisis in Cyprus with recession just being at its beginning, cost saving is a main priority. Thank God I come from Russia where the most traditional food, especially for breakfast, is cooked buckwheat and oat porridge.

Cooking every morning is time consuming and a lit bit of a hassle and so shortcuts are more than welcomed. I’ve learned a trick in Russia which was applied on buckwheat. You simply place buckwheat into a thermos with boiled water and leave it overnight, and voila you have cooked breakfast in the morning. I tried it right away and I was super amazed that it really works; super easy and cheap to have a ready, healthy no-cooking breakfast.

I have experimented with other grains, for some it has worked for some not. Below is the list for which you can apply it and  for which it doesn’t work.


I haven’t tried it yet on wheat, rye or oat grains but I assume it won’t work since it doesn’t work with regular rice.

So here is what you need:

  1. Thermos.  It needs to be stainless steel in the inside and out and to have a vacuum isolation or at least preventing any leaking of hot air. It can be a bottle, mug or specific food thermos. I’ve tried a thermos with plastic lining on the inside and the results were disappointing.  No need for brand names, a regular thermos which can be closed tightly can do the job
  2. Buckwheat,  10’ (instant) rice or quinoa
  3. Boiled water
  4. Salt


  • Determine the amount of grain you need to be cooked, the portion of water to grain is 2 to 1; make sure your container has enough space for both ingredients.
  • Boil the water in the kettle
  • Meanwhile risen the grains with water
  • Place the grains into the thermos, add a pinch of salt and pour the boiled water
  • Close the thermos tightly to prevent hot air from leaking and leave it overnight (it takes approximately 6 hours to be ready).
  • The next morning open the thermos, pour any excess water and be amazed for having an absolutely hassle free healthy breakfast. If it is not as warm as you want, just preheat it in the microwave

Some extras:

  • After warming up the buckwheat in the microwave I add ½ tsp of margarine and a little bit of salt, mixing it well in order to have a Russian style buckwheat breakfast
  • For rice, which I prepare sometimes for lunch and dinner, since it is quite tasteless on its own, I boil water and pour it into a mix of frozen peas and corn, once they are warm I mix them with the rice, a little bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt and it is ready; rice with vegetables.

I’m quite addicted to my buckwheat breakfast and being tired washing my thermo-mug every day I bought a food thermos. It is a very cheap Indian brand which actually doesn’t close properly (and leaks) but works like a charm for this purpose and prepares 2 portions every time (it has an approximate capacity of 0.7L).

Enjoy 🙂

‘Photo-Steps’ No-cooking instant rice / buckwheat / quinoa preparation

How to prepare instant rice, buckwheat, quinoa without cooking Steps 1-5, Toma Creations



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