DIY: Elastic Shoulders’ Strap

Janda’s Upper Cross

Slouching the shoulders forward is very common these days due to our lifestyles, e.g. !sitting! long hours in front of the computer, carrying weight, relaxing on the couch, etc. Personally I consider the chair to be one of the worst innovations for our spine but unfortunately it has invaded the modern society. Being a yoga and pilates instructor, I deal with rounded shoulders and complaints about tightness almost every day, especially in the case of new mommies, I always spent 10-15 minutes on releasing the tension and strengthening the upper back. But I’m not a saint either; I tend to slouch my shoulders (I have quite an open chest and shoulders due to swimming and yoga) while cycling, doing household chores  and crafting, so I decided there was something I could do about it, something quick and direct. I was already using a yoga strap to keep my shoulders open but it wasn’t practical and since I love crafting I decided to make something easy and simple; so I came up with the Elastic Shoulders Strap. It is a great support while doing different activities and sitting but by no means does it substitute proper exercising to correct rounded shoulders.   If you really want to address the problem you need to stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the upper back muscles in order to teach your body to keep the right alignment on its own.

Body is standing straight, facing forward, upper limbs at side and palms facing forward.

If you are not the workout type there is quite a simple exercise addressing both, stretching and strengthening; just turn your palms facing forwards for 10 minutes or more a day. You can do it while standing, sitting or lying down. After some daily practice you will see that your own body will be auto-correcting itself placing the scapulae where they should be.

So here you go, step-by-step photos on how to make your own.

PS: The 90cm (36in) length of the elastic band is a suggestion with the actual length depending on your own body type. In order to determine the right band length, measure your upper body from shoulder to shoulder and add 2-3 inches to the total. Before sewing it together, simply pin it at the middle and test it just to make sure.

DIY Elastic Shoulder Strap, Steps 1-6, Toma Creations


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