Testers needed – Amigurumi Christmas Trees Ornaments

I have updated the Amigurumi Christmas Trees Ornaments and would love to get it tested 🙂

I need 4 testers, ideally two beginners, one intermediate and one advanced and I would like to received your feedback by Friday, 22/11/13 the latest.

please send an email to  …@outlook.com with the following title ‘I want to test the Amigurumi Christmas Trees Ornaments!’ and specifying what is your level of crochet experience. Also please note that getting feedback is essential for me so only the ones who have spare time and can complete the project on time should apply. The fists four who fall into above requirements will get the updated version pattern.

I would love to get constructive feedback. I would really appreciate once you have made the ornament, to reply to me by letting me know anything, absolutely anything e.g. questions, clarifications, your  comments, suggestions and overall opinion about the pattern.

Those who won’t receive the pattern but have sent me an email means you didn’t make the cut. If you are interested in testing other patterns that I have made or will make in future, let me know it in the email so I can have you in mind and put you on my tester lists.

wishing Happy holidays to all!

UPDATE: Thank you all very much for volunteering to become a tester! I’m so happy in founding Awesome testers that I was looking for. So please: no more submissions 🙂


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