Free Pattern: IKEA Candle Cozies

IKEA Candle Cozy 4 - Toma Creations

If the lovely colours and smells of Ikea candles are not enough to decorate your place, if you want to personalise a gift through your favorite hobby, crochet, or you are one those crocheters that wants to crochet over anything plain, like me, then these are the patterns for you!

IKEA Candle Cozy - Toma Creations

I know the pattern is not obvious when the candle is at the beginning of its use but i can guarantee that with time, new rounds of filet will be shown through and reflected on the walls 🙂

Materials and Tools needed:

  1. Cotton yarn e.g. Sicilia by Lane Cervinia or Algodón Soft by Lanas Stop in any colour
  2. Hook size 2.0mm
  3. Stitch marker indicating the end of each row
  4. Tapestry needle
  5. Scissors

IKEA Candle cozy abbreviations


IKEA candle cozy rounds 1-9

Round 1:              With selected yarn crochet sc × 6 into an adjustable ring*.  Total 6sts. Tighten the adjustable ring*.

Round 2:              (2sc inc) × 6. Total 12sts

Round 3:              (2sc inc) × 12. Total 24sts. Secure the tail at the adjustable ring.

Round 4:              (2sc inc,   sc × 3). Total 30sts

Round 5:              sc × 3, (2sc inc , sc × 4) × 5, 2sc inc , sc × 1. Total 36sts

Round 6:              (2sc inc,   sc × 5). Total 42sts

Round 7:              sc × 4, (2sc inc , sc × 6) × 5, 2sc inc , sc × 2. Total 48sts

Round 8:              (2sc inc,   sc × 7). Total 54sts

Round 9:              sc × 5, (2sc inc , sc × 8) × 5, 2sc inc , sc × 3. Total 60sts

Round 10:            slst, ch2 [counts as 1hdc],  BP dc × 59. Total 60sts

IKEA Candle Cozy 2 - Toma Creations

IKEA Candle Cozies: Squares Pattern No. 1 & Flowers


Squares Pattern No. 1

IKEA candle cozy squares

IKEA candle cozy - squares pattern



IKEA candle cozy 4 leaf flower

4 leaf flower


Mini Heart

IKEA Candle Cozy 3 - Toma Creations

IKEA Candle Cozy: Mini Hearts

Mini hearts pg

IKEA candle cozy - Mini hearts patterns


Large Hearts

IKEA cange cozy Large hearts

IKEA candle cozy - Large hearts pattern


Squares Pattern No. 2

IKEA candle cozy squared pattern 1

IKEA candle cozy - squared flower pattern


You may not copy, resell, translate, post on the internet or redistribute (fully or partially) this pattern.

If you would like to sell finished items made with this pattern please contact me in advance and mention that the item is ‘based on the pattern designed by Toma Creations’

Mass production and Internet sales of the finished item based on the pattern are not allowed. If you are interested in doing so please contact me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have 🙂

Thanks for looking


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