Amigurumi Balinese Doll (PDF Pattern)

BALINESE DOLL Toma Creations - 2015 3

Say hello to Ni Ketut Lintang, an amigrumi Balinese doll.

This doll is made in memory of my trip to Bali for yoga teacher training, a dedication to Alicia, an amazing yoga teacher, to all my fellow sweet yogis and a reminder of celebrating my 27th birthday on this amazing island while going through an experience that would shift and shape my life after this trip.

I cannot express in words the changes this amazing experience has had on my life, on all levels. I could talk for ages about philosophy, concept, lifestyle, perception etc etc but the one and most important thing that I’ve learned is that wisdom can only be gained by experience, no matter how much i might learn or know the best things in my life are the joys and the lessons. Both can be gained only with actions, experimentation and an open mind.

For more details about the pattern and the PDF pattern please visit the following links:

raverlypost    etsy2    logo-LearnItMakeIt2

PS: since yesterday i celebrated 31 years  within my body on planet earth (!) i would like to share this pattern with the first 3 amigurumi fans who will comment on this post. They will receive the pattern within 24 hours, for free, to the email provided for submitting the comment.


BALINESE DOLL Toma Creations - 2015 1


6 thoughts on “Amigurumi Balinese Doll (PDF Pattern)

  1. How beautiful! I took my teacher training with Alicia too, about 8 years ago. And although my training was not in Bali, I did get to spend my honeymoon there 2 years later, with my husband, whom I met at that teacher training! Alicia and Bali hold a special place in our hearts!


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