Amigirumi Matryoshka – Russian Nesting Doll (PDF pattern)


This is my third version of Matryoshka, and it is obvious that i’m addicted to these dolls. I love them so much because they are a reminder of my motherland, Russia.  It is funny, i was mentioning to my husband how much i love Cyprus which felt like i was kind of betraying where I come from and he told me, with his calm and reasonable voice: ‘But this is normal, Russia is your motherland and Cyprus is your homeland’ which is sooo true. I’m proud of my motherland and my past and I love its beautiful green plains, forests, lakes and rivers, culture and traditions but i also love my new home; summer, sun, watermelons, beach, my husband and our cats…

Anyway, let’s get back to the pattern. With this pattern you will be able to make three variations; plain body with embroidery, body with stripes and body with apron. By using different colours and embroidery styles (all provided in the pattern) the sky is your limit. It is an easy pattern with a few tricks for which detailed written instructions, photos and graphs are all provided.

For more details about the pattern and the PDF file please visit the following links:

raverlypost    etsy2    logo-LearnItMakeIt2

AMIGURUMI MATRYOSHKA 2015 Toma Creations 15

AMIGURUMI MATRYOSHKA 2015 Toma Creations 16


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