Free Pattern: Amigurumi Bunnies

Amigurumi Bunnies - Toma Creations 5

This supper easy, simple and quick pattern was inspired by  Coffee And Cream‘s knitted Catnip Bunny pattern. When I first saw them i fell in love, what a lovely rainbow of bunnies, unfortunately i do not know how to knit, yet, so i decided to make a crochet version. Thank you Selina for this lovely idea, sharing it and letting me share the crochet version for those of us who do not knit :).

Materials and Tools needed:

  1. Acrylic yarn e.g. Lane Cervinia Caprice in any colour
  2. In addition small amount of 2 other colous (eyes & muzzle)
  3. Hook size 2.5mm
  4. Polyfill
  5. Stitch marker indicating the end of each Rnd
  6. Button
  7. Tapestry needle
  8. Scissors
  • Finished Size: body’s height is 7cm (2 ¾in) and with Ears up 12cm (4 ½ in), the width of the body is 5cm (2 in). If you are using different yarn brand or type, use a hook size at least 0.5mm less than suggested on the yarn label (applicable only for acrylic yarn) to create tight stitches.
  • All the instructions and abbreviations are given in American (US) terms.
  • Work in continuous rounds without turning unless otherwise specified in the pattern.
  • For certain instructions e.g.   Fasten off when working in continuous rounds click on the link for detailed ‘how-to’.



With the selected yarn crochet a ch of 8.

Rnd 1: 4sc inc into second ch from hook, sc × 5, 4sc inc into last ch, TURN the ch and work into opposite side of the ch, sc × 5 [photo below]. Total 18sts

Amigurumi Bunnies - Toma Creations 9

Rnd 2: sc, 2sc inc × 2, sc × 7, 2sc inc × 2, sc × 6. Total 22sts

Rnd 3-8: sc  × 22. Total 22sts

Rnd 9: sc  × 5, sc2tog, sc  × 9, sc2tog, sc  × 4. Total 20sts

Rnd 10: sc  × 20. Total 20sts

Rnd 11: ( sc2tog, sc  × 8) × 2. Total 18sts

Rnd 12: sc  × 18. Total 18sts remove the hook and work face features as follow:

Muzzle: Using single strand of selected yarn and tapestry needle stitch two diagonal straight stitches that cross each other approximately  over Rnd 9 [photo below].

Eyes: Using double strand of selected yarn and tapestry needle stitch two short vertical stitches approximately between Rnd 10-11 [photo below].

Stuff tightly the body with polyfill [photo below].

Amigurumi Bunnies - Toma Creations 10

Rnd 13: ( sc2tog, sc ) × 6. Total 12sts

Rnd 14:  sc2tog  × 6. Total 6sts

Fasten off, secure and hide the tail.


EARS, make two

With the selected yarn and leaving 10cm (4 in) tail, crochet a ch of 2.

Rnd 1: sc into secnd ch from hook. Total 1st

Rnd 2: ch, TURN, 2sc inc. Total 2sts

Rnd 3: ch, TURN, 2sc inc, sc. Total 3sts

Rnd 4: ch, TURN, 2sc inc, sc × 2. Total 4sts

Rnd 5: ch, TURN, 2sc inc, sc × 3. Total 5sts

Rnd 6-10: ch, TURN,  sc × 5. Total 5sts

Once you complete Rnd 10, slst into 1st st of Rnd 10 as show on  photo below.

Fasten off leaving 15cm tail (6in).

Amigurumi Bunnies - Toma Creations 11

Sew the ears on top of the body and the button at the lower back [photo below].

Amigurumi Bunnies - Toma Creations 12


You may not copy, resell, translate, post on the internet or redistribute (fully or partially) this pattern.

If you would like to sell finished items made with this pattern please contact me in advance and mention that the item is ‘based on the pattern designed by Toma Creations’

Mass production and Internet sales of the finished item based on the pattern are not allowed. If you are interested in doing so please contact me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have 🙂

Thanks for looking ❤

Amigurumi Bunnies - Toma Creations 1


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