Free Pattern: Crochet Sisal Exfoliating Glove

Crochet Sisal Exfoliating Glove 1

You might have heard about the properties of dry brushing; it increases circulation and blood flow, gently exfoliates dead skin and reduces signs of cellulite. I’m sure there are many more properties of doing it on daily basis and you can find many extensive articles and posts on this topic in the internet.

I first tried it a year ago using a bristle brush where i did not feel much of a difference but continued using it until I read about sisal brushes. Using sisal cord for home DIYing and also crocheting flower pot covers i already had it so rather than buying one i decided to crochet it.

Below you will find how to make it easily and cheaply on your own. In addition I like this one over the ones offered online because I can use both sides and it covers wider areas which means it’s quicker and involves fewer moves.

Materials and Tools needed:

  1. Sisal cord preferably 1 ply twine as it easier to crochet with. You can find it at a hardware or DIY store or in a large supermarket
  2. Hook size 7.0mm
  3. Scissors
  • Finished Size: approximately 15cm × 15cm (6in × 6in).
  • All the instructions and abbreviations are given in American (US) terms.
  • Work in continuous rounds without turning unless otherwise specified in the pattern.


Sisal Glove Pattern 

with Sisal cord ch × 16 (base ch)

Rnd 1: skip 3 ch, sc into 4th ch from hook, ch-skip base ch, (sc, ch-skip base ch) × 5, sc-ch-sc-ch-sc into next st, turn the base chain and work into opposite side, ch-skip base ch, (sc, ch-skip base ch) × 7.

Rnd 2: sc into the 3ch at the beginning of Rnd 1, ch-skip st, (sc into space of previous Rnd, ch-skip st) × 16.

sisal glove-pad

Rnd 1-2

Rnd 3: (sc into previous Rnd space, ch-skip st) × 17.

Repeat Rnd 3 until you reach a height of approximately 15cm (6in). slst into next st either fasten off here or you can make a hanging string by ch × 10, slst  into first ch made and fasten off, secure and hide the tail.

Voila, you have your own Sisal Exfoliating Glove 🙂 .

Crochet Sisal Exfoliating Glove 4


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