Crochet Pomegranates (PDF Pattern)

Crochet Pomegranate - Toma Creations 6

A new PDF pattern for Crochet Hanging Pomegranates.

Most of my friends already know my passion for this fruit, specifically for its symbolism, beauty and taste. I have a lot of pomegranates around the house; dried ones, drawn on paper and on bags, decorative ones and since I love them so much I thought why not crochet them and this is what I came up with. Already three of these are decorating our house and my car, and soon they will also become gifts to friends and family.

Pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity and fertility in many regions; Mediterranean, Middle East, Caucasus, India, China, Peru… basically where they are grown and often they are given as presents to newlyweds. Except for their symbol they are rich in antioxidants and very tasty.

For more details about the pattern and the PDF pattern please visit the following links:

raverlypost    etsy2    logo-LearnItMakeIt2

PS: while creating them I also made a 3D version shown on the last picture of the post, so if you love them, sign up and you will get updated once the project is published.

Crochet Pomegranate - Toma Creations 2 Crochet Pomegranate - Toma Creations 4 Crochet Pomegranate - Toma Creations 7

3D pomegranates - Toma Creations

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