Movable Crochet & Watercolour Storage Stations

Movable crochet & watercolour stations

Although I’m very crafty I do not have a room to store materials and tools in or to do all that comes into my mind in one place.  I actually like it since I can be in any room depending on my mood, sun light and weather. I keep it simple, compact and one of the most important things for me, I avoid hoarding. Based on the mentioned above, I’ve created a movable crochet and watercolour stations and at some point would like a sewing station but I’m still troubled by the bulkiness of the sewing machine.

Crochet station

The base is Ikea’s Algot Landry Storage bag but any laundry storage trolley will do the same job.

The main bag stores all the yarns I have, I’ve sewed a holder for the hooks and other small tools and also two large pockets for storing filling materials and for projects in progress. Finally I attached several S hooks on all sides.

movable crochet station analysed

movable crochet station

Yarn reference/sample holder

Beside is  a Yarn reference / sample holder; it is extremely easy:

Small amount of yarn is knotted on yarn label and then hanged on Loose-Leaf Ring that can be found in stationary shops or online.

Watercolour station

The trolley is Ikea’s Risatorp Trolley but as also mentioned before any other trolley will do the same job depending on how much storage you need and the dimensions. In addition you can hang several containers (e.g. Bygel) on the sides.

watercolour movable station

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