Toma CreationsHello


Welcome to Toma Creations.

About me: I am a soul in a human’s body living on planet Earth :). My main passions are nature and music; my need to express these passions is carried out through living (a conscious and mindful life), falling, rising, trials & errors, life lessons, daydreaming, observing, being there when needed, dancing, acrobatics, drawing, painting, crochet, gardening, collecting unusual plants, cycling, hiking, traveling, being married to a lovely soulmate, having two adorable cats Shanti & Sokoudjou …

I began hand sewing at the age of six and slowly added beadwork, crochet, clay, origami, drawing, painting and batik to my hobby collection.

Being a cuteness addict I try to recreate anything adorable that comes my way, mainly through amigurumi and painting. The best crochet creations become patterns available on my blog and online stores.
In addition certain finished items are available for sale and others are made on request. For more information don’t hesitate to contact me.



More about me, crochet and Cyprus please visit: www.aroundtheworldin80skeins.org

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I just wanted to congratulate you for your blog. So many cute things. Once again congratulations and thanks for sharing interesting projects. All the best! 🙂


    • ohhh thank you so much!!!! what an honor 🙂 love the questions to the nominees, made me think if i’m really a blogger? or a blog is a free web-page where i share my how-to diy and projects (?) i guess this make me a blogger, or maybe not (?)…(still thinking)… thank you again for nominating me 😀


      • Ofcourse you are a blogger as is everyone here who has a blog !!!!

        Hope you accept the nomination and continue nominating 11 more new bloggers. It is a bit of an effort but fun. Have a go 🙂


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