How to prepare buckwheat, quinoa and instant rice without cooking!

How to prepare buckwheat without cookin - Toma Creations

Being a wheat and lactose intolerant my options for a quick breakfast are quite limited. Cereals with milk are out of the question and buying alternatives are just too expensive, especially now when we got hit by a major economic crisis in Cyprus with recession just being at its beginning, cost saving is a main priority. Thank God I come from Russia where the most traditional food, especially for breakfast, is cooked buckwheat and oat porridge.

Cooking every morning is time consuming and a lit bit of a hassle and so shortcuts are more than welcomed. I’ve learned a trick in Russia which was applied on buckwheat. You simply place buckwheat into a thermos with boiled water and leave it overnight, and voila you have cooked breakfast in the morning. I tried it right away and I was super amazed that it really works; super easy and cheap to have a ready, healthy no-cooking breakfast. Continue reading

Vegan Mozaic / Doukissa, Super tasty (!), Non Baked Chocolate Biscuit Cake ala Greek style

Here in Cyprus one of the most popular and all-time favorite cakes is Doukissa (“Duchess”), also known as Mosaic cake in Greece and Turkey. It is similar to English Chocolate biscuit cake but instead of using chocolate and golden syrup … Continue reading