Drawings and Paintings

Lotus of Hangzhou – T. Iskova 2012

Troodos , Cyprus T. Iskova 2010
(based on postcard)

Blue Sky with Tulips – T. Iskova 2010

Red and Orange Tulips – T. Iskova 2012

Poppies Field – T. Iskova 2010

Fields of Romania – T. Iskova 2010

Nature, Body and Mind – T. Iskova 2010

A Sun Eclipse in Africa -T. Iskova 2010
(based on a photo)

Painted sea rock – 2009 Toma Creations
(based on French advertisement of Perrier sparkling water)

Painted Ladybug Jewelry Box – © 2009 Toma Creations
(based on postcard)

Om Sum Suryaya Namaha – T. Iskova 2011
(based on Nine Designs for Inner Peace)

Blanket of Dreams – T. Iskova 2010

Dreams, by Music – T. Iskova 2010

Observing the Earth – T. Iskova 2010

Painted Sea Rock (© 2009 Toma Creations)

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