Free Pattern: Rearview Mirror Hanging Dices

Rearview Mirror Hanging Dices 1

This pattern is same as on my old pattern Amigurumi Dice. I’ve reduced the Rounds to 6 and filled them with styrofoam to create smaller and firmer dices.

Materials and Tools needed:

  1. Acrylic or Cotton yarn e.g. Lane Cervinia Caprice / King Kole Bamboo cotton  / King Cole Smooth DK in Black and White colours
  2. Hook 2.00mm
  3. Stuffing material  i.e. styrofoam or soft foam cut into 5-5.5cm3 (2in3) cube
  4. Pin as a stitch marker used for indicating the end of the previous row
  5. Embroidery needle
  6. Scissors
  • Finished Size: approximately  6cm3 (2 ½ in3)
  • All instructions and abbreviations are given in American (US) terms.
  • Work in continuous rounds without turning unless otherwise specified in the pattern.

Make six squares

Rnd 1: sc × 6 into adjustable ring.  Total 6sts

Rnd 2: (2sc inc) × 6. Total 12sts

Rnd 3:  (3sc inc, sc × 2) × 4. Total 20sts

Rnd 4: sc, (3sc inc, sc × 4) × 3, 3sc inc, sc × 3. Total 28sts

Rnd 5: sc × 2, (3sc inc, sc × 4) × 3, 3sc inc, sc × 4. Total 36sts

Row 6: sc × 4, fasten off, leaving a tail of 20cm (8in).

Once you’ve made 6 squares start connecting them with the tail left on each square.


DICEWhile you connecting the squares start stitching Colonial Knots where the number-dots should be by using embroidery needle and double strand of white yarn. Picture on the side indicates the sequence of the number-dots. You can also use small buttons as an alternative for the dots.

Before finishing the connection of the squares place in the styrofoam or soft foam cube.


Hanging Cord

With double strand of black yarn and leaving 15cm (6in) tail ch × 60, fasten off laving  15cm (6in) tail. Sew the chain to the corners of the dices using the tails left.

Rearview Mirror Hanging Dices 2


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